The Shattered Isles

The Bayesian Family Lineage

Title: The Bayesian Family Lineage
Time Period: Age of Mortals
Written By: Unknown Author
Summary: A brief summary of the Bayesian family lineage and the line of succession to the Pearlean Empire.

King Bayesian I (3 – 40) - Astraevan
Aldore Bayesian, 2313 AoI – 40 AoM, made a name for himself as a front-lines merchant during the Battle of Valar. Aldore led other survivors of the Great Shattering to a newly created bay where the mages’ guild had once stood. Two years following the establishment of Pearl, the wartime merchant accepted the wishes of the people in claiming lordship over New Archai Bay. After his coronation, the first crowned King of Pearl delivered a powerful speech known today as the Bayesian Doctrine. In that speech, he vowed his family would be forever charged with the task of keeping balance between the faiths of Itzal and Astraeva, as well as offering safety and opportunity to all those displaced by the Great Shattering and beyond. It was with these words that the island located at the center of New Archai Bay would become the Academy, a place where all would be given a chance at a new start under the protection of the crown and the City of Pearl.
Over the next three decades, King Bayesian would oversee the construction of the Pyramid of Astraeva and the Royal Palace, as well as sealing the ruins of Valar so that the souls trapped within would be isolated from the rest of the world. He is credited with the formation of the Archai Trading Company after bringing together a consortium of merchants to combine resources and influence in order to quickly bring stability to the region. The king’s wife, Queen Leilani, also had heavy influence over the original layout of the city, positioning the bank firmly at the center of bay, in between the future sites of the palace and pyramid. By the time of King Bayesian’s death, Pearl had blossomed into a city full of life, supported largely by the merchants whom established trade routes across the newly-formed isles. He was survived by his queen, Leilani, two sons, Uldric and Mauritius, and a daughter, Irene.
King Bayesian II ( 40 – 52) - Astraevan
Uldric Bayesian, 1 AoM - 52 AoM, was the eldest son of Aldore, King Bayesian I. Uldric’s crowning marked the first succession in the line of the Bayesian family, and he used the occasion to establish a number of precedents that are now long standing traditions. He knew a successful passing of the crown without conflict or contestation would help cement his family’s claim to the rule of Pearl. In the final days of his father, King Bayesian the First, Uldric devoted his time to meeting with potential challengers to his claim and secured each of them a position of power either within the palace or at the trading company. Before becoming king, he served as his father's lead representative to the Archai Trading Company, so one of his first orders was to expand the King's naval vessels and established a separate fleet dedicated to commerce. The Archai Trading Company quickly rose to become a power both in Pearl and across Archai. Under the King's direction, deals were struck with each of the other isles to establish new ports where the ATC could conduct business without interference from local authorities. Uldric died just a dozen years into his reign to a ban’ghal tiger during a hunting expedition. Having never married and without a family of his own to pass his crown, his youngest brother Mauritius inherited the throne.
King Bayesian III (52 – 72) - Astraevan
Mauritius Bayesian, 12 AoM - 72 AoM, was the youngest son of Aldore, King Bayesian I. Following his older brother’s coronation, he moved inland away from the politics of Pearl. When the responsibility fell to him to become king, he strongly fought against returning to the city and accepting the title. It was his wife, Florience, that finally convinced him by using their lone son as a strong motivator. They could not deny him the opportunity to one day rule as his grandfather had years prior and uphold the unsteady peace between Itzalites and Astraevans.
Mauritius worshipped Astraeva as his brother and father had, but did not share in the desire to expand the Archai Trading Company's control on the world. His wife worshipped Itzal and was a leading reason why he had avoided the politics of Pearl in the first place. Without his involvement, the Archai Trading Company took it upon themselves to expand as its own entity. Their continued growth, both on New Archai Isle and at the now ATC-owned ports on the other isles, created tension between Pearl and the other major cities of Archai. It became clear that it was operating on its own accord, not under the direct order of the King, and certainly not operating as a "trading company of Archai." King Bayesian III, largely ignored the problems with the Archai Trading Company, instead focusing his efforts on resolving differences within the walls of Pearl and the surrounding lands of New Archai Isle, while upgrading the defenses of the New Archai Academy. The royal fleet was now the largest in all of Archai, even surpassing the Isle of Kaleith's own fleet, which at any time can call on every vessel, merchant or war, to serve under the banner of the kraken. One of his best known accomplishments was the granting of asylum to Tetherians who had escaped genocide on their home isle. Mauritius passed unexpectedly in his sleep after a reign of twenty years, leaving behind his Itzalite wife, Florience, and his son, Tacitus.
King Bayesian IV (72 – 84) - Astraevan
Tacitus Bayesian, 42 AoM - 84 AoM, was the son of Mauritius, King Bayesian III. Although Astraevan like his father, his reign was heavily influenced by his Itzalite mother, Queen Florience. Under King Tacitus’ rule, the Archai Trading Company's power grew exponentially. Soon, trouble broke out with the Isle of Kaleith after the King Tacitus claimed there was no fleet that could match the might of his naval empire, not even Kaleith himself. The Archai Trading Company began taxing non-ATC vessels for use of their ports, as well as imposing taxes on certain goods that came from outside New Archai Isle. A conflict between the royal navy and Kaleith's fleet ensued, resulting in a company-wide ban on trading with Kaleith Isle. This led to a rise in popularity of the free port of Baninau Bay, a safe haven for those seeking to do business outside of the Archai Trading Company's jurisdiction.
In Pearl, King Bayesian IV, invested in improving the eastern district which had been neglected by his predecessors. This area, extending from the palace gates southeast to the Tannendale River, was where the vast majority of the city workers lived. Not a poor district by any means, but still paling in comparison to the noble district that surrounded the Astraevan pyramid in the northwest section of the city. It wasn't until after his mother, Queen Florience, passed that he considered the future of his crown. He needed an heir to which he’d pass his kingdom, or risk seeing it fall back into the eager hands of the Astraevan followers. Tacitus married a woman by the name of Sanzabella Solanace from a prominent Itzalite family as a political move in an attempt to settle unrest between shadow and light. King Bayesian IV died mysteriously just two years into his marriage, before his wife could produce a male or female offspring.
Queen Sanzabella I (84 – 142) - Itzalite
Sanzabella Solanace, 62 AoM - 142 AoM, was the great-granddaughter of Daturas Solanace and his wife, Vespertine, the arcanist and assassin duo who fought alongside Itzal during the Shadow and Light Wars. Although the rumors would say otherwise, no one could prove that Queen Sanzabella married and killed the king with the intention of taking the throne for herself. Although she was not of the same bloodline, she was his wife and without a child, the city of Pearl saw its first queen in the new era. The doctrine speech delivered by King Aldore Bayesian I clearly stated that it was acceptable for a male or female heir to rule, but in the event that a king should pass without a spouse or child, the crown would then go to another of the same bloodline. However, if a spouse should remain at the time of death, he or she would rule until the time of their death, at which point control would shift back to the bloodline.
Sanzabella Solanace lived out her years as the queen of Pearl. Her first official act as ruler was signing a treaty with Muzdun Bok-Nek, or present day Three Bridges, protecting them against hobgoblin invasions of Gragga. It was a high time for those who worshipped Itzal. Many were given positions of equal power within the royal court, the Archai Trading Company, and other city offices. For the first time ever, not one, but two Itzalite Knight Marshals were appointed, serving opposite the Astraevan Knight Marshals who governed the Academy, giving both temples equal representation. She would oversee the creation of a new temple honoring Itzal. A major upgrade to the often disgraced shrine that sat at the southeastern end of the city, a tower was built, paying homage to the tower used by Itzal to discover the elemental properties of Shadows. Queen Sanzabella’s reign lasted nearly sixty until her passing.
King Dividicus I (142 – 199) - Astraevan
Thaddeus Dividicus, 117 AoM - 199 AoM, was the great-grandson of Irene Bayesian, daughter of Aldore, King Bayesian I. Irene had established a family of her own by marrying the son of Lord Pernelius Dividicus, Pernell. The Dividicus patriarch provided financial support to Aldore during the war of Shadow and Light, providing the future king quick access to the supplies needed most by those on the battlefield. At the time of Irene’s death, Queen Sanzabella still reigned, so the next in line to succeed the queen became Irene’s son, Thayedore Dividicus, and her two grandsons, Thaddeus and the younger Leopold, both of which had gone on to become champions of the Astraevan faithful. Thayedore Dividicus passed away just days before the Queen Sanzabella, denying him his long-awaited chance to rule.
The rule of Pearl was returned to Astraeva as the eldest grandson of Irene, Thaddeus Dividicus, was crowned without contestation and went to work immediately to undo the changes of the Itzalite queen. A wall was constructed along the southeastern side of the city, separating the area largely considered to be Itzal's Quarter into two parts. The small town of Three Bridges, originally Muzdun Bok-Nek, which had grown quite close to the city over the years, was cut off from the rest of Pearl. A massive archway was created along the banks of the New Archai Bay, giving outlying citizens only one main entrance into the city. This was a move meant to divide Itzal's influence in Pearl.. With Three Bridges now outside the city walls, the small town saw attacks from outlying villages increase with Pearl offering little protection to anyone outside of the merchants who conducted business there.
King Thaddeus Dividicus was known to have outlawed several things during his reign, including the practice of necromancy, but perhaps most controversial was his decision to ban dragonslaying. Many a knight had made a name by slaying a dragon. However, things had gone beyond quests of bravery; dragons were being poached for their scales, blood, meat, and bones. A mature dragon could yield enough scales to craft a complete set of armor and provide adequate meat to feed a village for a winter, while the blood could be sold to alchemists and arcanists for use in potions and posions. It is rumored the King originally had no intention of outlawing the practice, but once word reached the throne that the gold dragons of Astraeva were the most prized of armors, he took action. Unfortunately, by the time the King made his proclamation dragon populations had plummeted across all religions. The last gold dragon, living in seclusion atop a mountain in the Academy, was tracked down and slaughtered five years following the King’s royal decree. Today, it is still a crime punishable by death to own gold dragonscale items. King Thaddeus Dividicus died peacefully at the age of eighty two surrounded by his wife, Queen Aileen, his son, Theodoros, and grandson, Erastos.
King Dividicus II (199 – 228) - Itzalite
Erastos Dividicus, 175 - 228 AoM, was the grandson of Thaddeus, King Dividicus I. Erastos was not the staunch religious supporter that his grandfather had been. Like the majority of the Dividicus family, he sought to find a balance between the two faiths of Astraeva and Itzal. He lost his father, Theodoros, at a young age, leaving his itzalite mother, Neasa, to groom him for the throne. When King Dividicus, first of his name, passed, Erastos officially converted to the itzalite faith, becoming the second itzalite to wear the crown. During his coronation he declared his heart had long been with Itzal, but out of respect for the beloved King waited until his passing to make it publicly known.
Erastos used his time as King to expand Pearl’s reach across New Archai Isle and the seas beyond. Early into his reign, King Dividicus II led what was thought at the time to be a successful campaign to eradicate wyverns from the isle. During his reign he established Port Dividicus off the northwest coast of the Isle of Tetherias and seized control of the southern Crowns after a lengthy conflict with the gnomes of Molkreak. After his victory, the gear-driven clock in Pearl donated by the gnomes years prior was torn down. In its place hung the Dividicus bell, which when struck was so loud it could be heard in the mountains of the Crowns. At the time of his death, King Dividicus II had expanded Pearl’s lands more than any of his predecessors. He was survived by his wife, Esmeralta, and their two daughters, Lyria and Liana.
Queen Lyria I (228 – 247) - Astraevan
Lyria Dividicus, 196 - 247 AoM, was the eldest daughter of Erastos, King Dividicus II. Her crowning marked the first time in Pearl’s history that a natural born female descendant of Aldore Bayesian ruled. She served relatively peacefully, without any major conflicts outside of the usual bickering over the Archai Trading Company's reach. Her biggest contribution came in the form of a land donation to the city. The area would serve as a pavilion for outdoor entertainment as well as adding additional market space surrounding the bank. Never married, nor with child, she devoted her life solely to the Goddess of Light, content knowing her younger sister’s large family could carry the burden of the crown once her time had passed.
King Sauntere I (248 – 285) - Astraevan
Brusaris Sauntere, 206 - 285 AoM, was the son of renowned Captain Sevanos Sauntere of the Pearlean Brigade and Liana Dividicus, sister of Lyria, Queen Dividicus I. The Astraevan family of Sauntere saw an opportunity to ascend to royalty by aligning their house with Liana. When Queen Lyria fell ill, she named her sister Liana her successor. At the time of her passing, Liana instead passed the crown to her son, Brusaris, making him the first Sauntere to rule over Pearl. Furious over Queen Lyria’s decision to not back the Dividicus family’s claim to the throne, Lord Adamaris Dividicus retaliated by murdering the son of King Sauntere--thus beginning a bloody feud between the two houses that would see scores of dead on both sides.
Having lost his own son, King Brusaris ordered the public execution of Hadrian and Ranald Dividicus, the male heirs of Lord Adamaris, for conspiring against the crown. Against the wishes of many, the King also disbanded the Pearlean Conclave in 249 AoM to quell their support for the Dividicus family. In an effort to end the bloodshed, the young daughter of Hadrian Dividicus, Edelmira, was wed to the eldest nephew of King Brusaris and all claims to the throne were withdrawn. The remaining Dividicus family members who worshipped Itzal withdrew from their royal houses in Pearl and disappeared from the Bayesian family lineage.
Once the dust had settled, King Sauntere I declared the Dividicus family had forfeit all future claims to the crown for committing treason and fleeing the city. Edelmira was forced to convert to Astraeva as part of her marriage arrangement to the King’s nephew, Everus. Firmly in control, King Sauntere did very little to establish a legacy beyond his conquest of the throne. He made no efforts to expand any of Pearl’s holdings, and saw the ATC-controlled port on Pyrous Isle overthrown by the local government. He also saw two brutal winters in which the northern seas froze, further limiting trade for the ATC. With his only son murdered, and caring little for his younger brother, Brusaris Sauntere named his Nephew, Everus, his successor with his dying words.
King Sauntere II (285 – 295) - Astraevan
Everus Sauntere, 256- 295 AoM, was the nephew of Brusaris, King Sauntere I. He was never meant to receive the throne, hardly groomed for the position. Next in line due to the murder of King Sauntere’s son, he married Edelmira Dividicus as part of a peace deal between the Dividicus and Sauntere families. While she embraced her role as Queen, she made sure Everus never had any children for which to pass his crown. She was forced to convert to Astraeva, but it is rumored she continued to worship Itzal and helped them in secret. Everus, King Sauntere II is credited with annexing Three Bridges and appointing a governor to manage the town after ousting the previous mayor. Pushing farther south, his forces attempted to reclaim the Southern Outpost from the Tetherians, resulting in the destruction of the fortress. He died at the young age of thirty-nine, ending a short ten year reign. Rumors have circulated claiming he was poisoned by Dividicus loyalists. At the time of his death, his wife Edelmira refused the crown and fled the city. It is rumored she moved to the isle of Pyrous to live out her remaining days. With no children to succeed him, the crown passed to his younger brother, Balacio.
King Sauntere III (295 – 303) - Astraevan
Balacio Sauntere, 259 - 303 AoM, was the younger brother of Everus, King Sauntere II. His mark on the city was coordinating the 300th anniversary of the Great Shattering. A grand mausoleum was opened during the ceremony, where he used the remembrance as an opportunity to reiterate the Bayesian Doctrine, trying to heal the wounds still lingering from the feud with the Dividicus family. Balacio died unexpectedly a mere eight years after taking the throne, though not by the hand of another. Rumors began to circulate that the Sauntere family was cursed as payment for the deal they made to seize control of Pearl. He was survived by his two sons, Colesius and Gaius.
King Sauntere IV (303 – 305) - Astraevan
Colesius Sauntere, 278 - 305 AoM, was the eldest son of Balacio, King Sauntere III. He was never married, oftentimes staying in no place longer than a few weeks. Upon taking the throne, he set sail on a tour of the isles to engage foreign powers with his plans for expanding the Archai Trading Company. In his place, his younger brother, Gaius, ran his affairs. Lost at sea less than two years into his reign, he never actually spent any time as King within the walls of Pearl.Though his body was never found, the transition of power to Gaius went smoothly and without contestation.
King Sauntere V (305 – 318) - Astraevan
King Sauntere VI (318 – 340) - Astraevan
Queen Cressida I (340 - 354) - Astraevan
King Sauntere VII (354 - 415) - Astraevan
King Sauntere VIII (415 - Present) - Astraevan
































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