The Shattered Isles

The Goblin Tribes

Title: The Goblin Tribes
Time Period: Age of Immortals
Written By: Unknown Author
Summary: A brief background on each of the 12 tribes that existed prior to their deal with Itzal.

Before the Great Shattering there existed twelve goblin tribes that inhabited various regions across Archai. Each tribe lived separately from another, sometimes within the same city. While some depended on others for supplies, most tribes had never met. That changed with a historic gathering in the city of Blyn, where the twelve chieftains came together to meet Itzal. All but one tribe pledged their loyalty and support to Itzal, and renounced their devotion to the other gods. The lone opposition went on to become the only goblin tribe to remain devoted to an elemental god. There are goblins active today that claim to be from each one of the twelve tribes, however, only five tribes are still considered active.
Muzdun Bok Tribe
The Muzdun Bok Tribe had established themselves along the Tannendale River of Archai in the small port village of Muzdun Bok a century before the Great Shattering. The village was abandoned for some time as the goblin tribes gathered at Blyn to meet with Itzal. Upon returning, they were often raided by hobgoblins from nearby Gragga. After years of conflict and failed treaties, the village was renamed Three Bridges in accordance with a pact drafted by Pearl. All descendents of this tribe are Itzalite, living in and around Pearl and Three Bridges. Other tribes such as the Uolkreak and Ban’Ghal tribes would eventually merge with those of Muzdun Bok after failing to regroup following the Great Shattering.
Kra’lin Tribe
The Kra’lin Tribe of mostly Tetherian goblins lived off the southeast coast of Archai on Kra’lin Island, in a coastal port that served host to pirates. When the tribes gathered at Blyn to meet with Itzal the island was deserted. It remained that way until after the Great Shattering when the verdani forced the non-elven followers of Tetherias onto the isle where they took up residence in the old, goblin villages. The goblins of Kra’lin either stayed in Blyn or relocated to Pearl after the war.
Krudemmar Tribe
The goblins of Krudemmar were the only tribe of the twelve not to support Itzal. They were far too proud of their metal work to give it up and cared little about the outside world. The Krudemmar Tribe lives within the Girammar mountains in a village of the same name. The best goblin blacksmiths in all of Archai come from this area; it is where crudesteel was first created. They credit themselves with the discovery of blacksteel and orichalcum as well, but the dwarves of Girammar also lay claim to these metals. This lends to their fierce rivalry with the dwarves. These two opposing races are so deeply rooted within the mountains of Pyrous that they are often ignorant as to what’s going on elsewhere in the world. The Krudemmar Tribe remains active today as the only tribe that does not worship Itzal.
Uolkreak Tribe
The Uolkreak Tribe called the southern Crowns home, near the mountain of the same name. They traded and were aligned with the gnomes of Molkreak before the Great Shattering. Some returned after the Great Shattering to resume their mining operations, but the shifting landscape created continued landslides that destroyed the trade routes between them and the gnomes. Remaining members eventually merged with the Muzdun Bok Tribe.
Akulla Tribe
The Akulla Tribe ran a mining operation off the western coast of Archai at the southern end of the Aerwasi Mountains. Although the majority of their tribe consisted of Aerthanians, they had little to do with the rest of the faith. Their isolated position from the world gave them a reputation of being the wildest of the goblin tribes. Despite being a harbor town, only other goblin ships would make port there. They did attempt to return to their homeland after the Great Shattering, but it had become too treacherous to reach and the endeavor was abandoned. It is known as Akulla Cove today.
Norf and Souf Blyn Tribes
The Norf and Souf Blyn Tribes formed across the city of Blyn, the largest of the goblin homelands. It was located off western coast of Archai across the pumice plains from Pyrdian. Centuries of volcanic activity created a natural barrier between the Neiblyn Head Peninsula and the rest of the world. Two naturally-protected bays of water made for ideal port towns to the north and south of Blyn, with a single road winding between the rocky coastline to connect them. Once one tribe, the two sides of Blyn fought each other mercilessly, eventually dividing when two brothers refused to acknowledge the other as the rightful chieftain. The two sides put aside their differences as they swore oaths to Itzal, but their rivalry returned after the Great Shattering, this time fighting over which side Itzal’s tower belonged.
Ban’ghal Tribe
The Ban’ghal Tribe was made up of goblins of Pyrous and Tetherias. They did not migrate across the valley like other nomadic humans, vukasin, and gavials, but instead waited each year for the migration so they could hunt and rob those that did. The annual migration faded after the Great Shattering and this tribe never reformed. Remaining members would have joined the tribes in Blyn or those in Muzdun Bok.
Imnago Tribe
The Imnago Tribe was located along the northeastern coast of Archai on the small island of Ketcher, near present day Kaleith Isle. It served as a small port town that the Black Krakens would visit for supplies. A large collection of goblin scouts calling Ketcher home made a living trading furs in the nearby Muirgen Wilderness. The island was deserted after the Great Shattering and is currently inhabited by a colony of bolinau nudists. It remains a popular attraction for pirates.
Archaos Tribe
The Archaos Tribe of Valar were the first to dwell within the streets and sewers of a major city. Rough and relentless, they stole what they needed and salvaged what they could. Currency was of no use to them as not one could be trusted by others. After the fall of Valar during the Great Shattering, the Archaos Tribe faded from existence as many were either captured and sold into slavery or escaped and found work as mercenaries.
Black Kraken Pirates
The Black Krakens were predominantly goblins, though they had impressed human sailors on occasion. Living at sea, they dock only long enough to sell their latest bounty and resupply before setting sail again. Their banner includes a kraken like nearly all pirates regardless of religion. Known to terrorize merchant ships sailing between Tetherias and Kaleith, they made their name under the guise of a ghost ship that would attack explorers in search of the mysterious Dragon Crags.
Slackjaw Pirates
The Slackjaw Pirates were the laziest of the bunch. They called themselves pirates, but spent more time on land than at sea. Usually in the ports of Akulla and Blyn. They stayed in one place until they were chased out of town for fighting. Their banner was that of a kraken skull with crossed swords. When they did set sail, they were strictly a goblin-only crew, known for leaving no survivors when they encountered another ship. There are still pirates today that fly the Slackjaw banner, but it has become synonymous with goblin piracy and no longer represents an active tribe.
































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