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The Libraries of Archai

In the beginning, the world of Archai was a single, massive continent home to a number of species, from small insects to intelligent races.  Among those with conceptual thought were the elves, goblins, humans, the otter-like bolinaus, dragons, the horned and hooved argali, gavial lizardmen, wolfen vukasins, and faerie-like sylves.  This period is known as the Age of Elements and is the first recorded time period in Archai's history.
Nearly everyone believed in some form of an elemental deity.  These elements and their followers were able to get along in one centralized location because of a pure need for each other.  No one element could survive in Archai without the use of others in some fashion.  Each of those four elements -- fire, air, earth, and water -- was seen to have two sides to it and as a result, two very different types of followers.  Fire was capable of consuming overgrown forests to allow for rebirth.  Air carries away the fields, spreading the seeds.  Earth engulfs precious land while offering precious gems in return.  Water, the most powerful in sheer volume alone, can rip apart whole cities, yet empowers and protects like no other.  In the most basic form, these opposites could be construed as chaos and order.  Others refer to each side of the elements as creative or destructive.  This required a need for balance within each element, as well as the need for the other elements.
Each element has a primary and secondary trait they are known for, which overlap:
Fire is hot and dry.
Earth is dry and cold.
Water is cold and wet.
Air is wet and hot.
Because of their secondary characteristics, one can see how the elements are dependent on one another.  It was an endless cycle that for centuries was what kept the world from favoring one element over another until the rise of four elven priests by the names of Aerthane, Kaleith, Pyrous, and Tetherias.
The Age of Immortality began with the death of the four Elven highpriests and their ascent to godhood. Religious devotion was at an all-time high and the newly formed Gods did not take this loyalty for granted. Both the Elves and Dragons were given the gift of immortality and all other races of Archai experienced unaturally long lives. The second recorded age of Archai spanned a period of nearly ten thousand years. The Great Shattering would bring an end to the Age of Immortality, with the Gods revoking their precious gifts of an immortal life.
The world of Archai is currently in its third age, The Age of the Mortal Gods, brought about by the discovery of two new elements; shadow and light. Much like the four elements of power before them, each has a dependency on another in order to survive, creating a new balance in the world. Shadow and light were created by combining elements of fire and air and are mirror opposites of one another. Their mortal champions, Itzal and Astraeva, ascended to godhood as a result of the Shattering, establishing a 5th and 6th elemental deity in the world.
Age of Mortals (3rd age)
Age of Immortals (2nd age)
Age of Elements (1st age)
The Bayesian Doctrine The Shadows of Itzal The Gods are Born
The Bayesian Family Lineage The Winds of Aerthane The First Renewal
The Southern Outpost The Goblin Tribes A History of Dragons
The Rise Of Queen Mlesnas Before the Shattering: Itzal and Astraeva  
Battle At Baninau: A Pearlean Perspective The Great Shattering  
Battle at Baninau: A Kalesian Perspective Nomads of Archai Valley  
A Pyresian Sermon    
Rise from the Rift: A History of Wyverns    
Feast of the Great Eye    
Tinkerers in Time: A History of Gnomes    
Crossing the Dwraer Tundra    
The Legend of Clyde Silverford    

































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