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Battle At Baninau Bay: A Pearlean Perspective

Title: Battle At Baninau Bay: A Pearlean Perspective
Time Period: Age of Mortals
Written By: Unknown Author
Summary: A retelling of the Battle of the Bays from a pearlean point of view.

The Archai Trading Company has long handled the major shipping of goods and raw materials across Archai's waters.  Much of its success can be attributed to the size and power of its support fleet.  It is based in the city of Pearl on the Isle of New Archai. Direct shipping lines have been charted between the main port cities of the other large isles.  The majority of services in these foreign ports is conducted by the Archai Trading Company itself, giving them the ability to ensure involvement in each step of the trading process.  Due to this dependability, haste, and strength, its popularity goes unmatched.
The oceans around Archai are dangerous, the relentless waves make it nearly impossible for smaller boats to travel safely.  This hasn't always deterred the most ill-prepared from setting out to sea, very few have lived to tell that story.  If a catastrophic oceanic storm doesn't claim the confident, a sea monster may.  The oceans are plagued with massive krakkens, enormous sharks, giant sea birds, and other fearless creatures.  Once beyond the vastness, within range of other ports, the waters are riddled with malevolent pirates.  Without the support of the Archai Trading Company's naval fleet, ships have little chance of protecting cargo from theft.  Though large enough to accompany merchant ships, the ATC's fleet was not capable of protecting waters surrounding other isles.
Even merchant ships protected by the ATC accompaniments have also been attacked and plundered.  It is well-publicized by the ATC that a flotilla of Kaleithian pirates and servicemen attacked a group of sovereign merchant ships outside of Baninau Bay, off the coast of the Isle of Kaleith.  It is said that the leaders of Kaleith orderer the strike with the intention of laying siege upon Pearl itself, thereby cutting it off from the world in hopes of domination.  From Pearl, King Sauntere VI fought back by sending much of its fleet to the Isle of Kaleith in an effort to stave off the threat.  Left behind to defend New Archai Isle and the City of Pearl was a small, but very capable group of ships, headed by the most powerful warship to date, "The Bruising Bear."  The battle in the seas off the Isle of Kaleith raged on, hampered by its distance from the City of Pearl and the unconventional tactics of the kalesian.
Having been forced to spread itself thin along major trade routes, the Archai Trading Company was unable to keep sufficient watch of its oceans.  Unbeknownst to the King, an unprecedented move was made by the Pyresians to take control of the City of Pearl for a second time in recent history.  While most of Pearl's navy was away, Pyresian warships set sail from the Isle of Pyrous.  It has long been rumored that the Itzalites of New Archai played an underlying role in arranging the attempted takeover of Pearl.  As the attacking warships arrived in New Archai Bay, they were confronted by Pearl's naval defenses.  A long battle ensued, decimating much of the King's fleet.  Across the world, as the Pearlean fleet gained momentum, ATC warships returned from the battle off the Isle of Kaleith.  The Pyresian ships surrendered soon after the bulk of the Pearlean King's Navy arrived to lend support.  Dozens of ships were lost during the onslaught of the Pyresian attack.  Of those remaining afloat, the most celebrated was the flagship, "The Bruising Bear."  It had successfully commanded initial fleet, holding the city of Pearl.  Today, it stands as a monument and a reminder for would be attackers that the city of Pearl's waters are never defenseless.
Many new restrictions were imposed against the Isle of Pyrous, including heavy taxation and blockades of routes between its neighboring isles.  Without the ability to safely import goods or protect itself, the citizens of Pyrous would not survive on the few resources available there.  The government of Pyrous was disbanded following outrage against the attack ordered by its leaders and the subsequent sanctions.  After giving control of the Isle of Pyrous to the ATC, they were again linked to the world.  To this day, the Archai Trading Company claims it won the war against the Isle of Kaleith and have abandoned those routes in retaliation for the kalesian' blatant pirating of merchant ships.  The Archai Trading Company thrives as it serves most of the worlds' territories, supplying goods and produce to those willing to pay.
































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