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The Legend of Clyde Silverford

Title: The Legend of Clyde Silverford
Time Period: Age of Mortals
Written By: Lord Ayderias Clarveu of Aerthane w/ excerpts from Clyde Silverford's journal.
Summary: The story of how Pearl first came to control the Southern Crowns and the legend surrounding it.

The "Legend of Clyde Silverford" is a well-known story told by all those who set out to prove they can accomplish what doubters say they cannot. It is a story that parents still tell to their children, encouraging them to never give up. Despite discoveries in more recent years that have cast some suspicion over the heroic tale, the legend has grown beyond refute in the eyes of those who hold it up as a beacon of hope.
Two hundred and twenty five years ago, an ambitious King Erastos Dividicus, second of his name, claimed the entire eastern mountainous region known as the Crowns in an effort to expand control of New Archai Isle. The gnomes of Molkreak, a village in the Northern Crowns, retaliated against this advancement. Having seen a decrease in mining production due to Pearl’s expansion, the gnomes fiercely attacked Pearl in the year 213 AoM. The battles that took place during what is now referred to as the Gnome Wars were gory and merciless. In the end, Pearl had won, but not without a harsh reminder that they had overstepped their bounds. In 214 AoM, a treaty between Pearl and Molkreak was signed in an effort to minimize losses to both sides.
This treaty stood for nearly one hundred years until an equally ambitious King Gaius Sauntere, fifth of his name, took the throne with one single mission: claim all of the New Archai Isle in the name of Pearl. Two years into his reign in 307 AoM, King Sauntere V accused the Molkreak gnomes of breaking the treaty by failing to properly secure the prison island of Blalkreak. As a result, Pearl seized control of the southern Crowns and began sending expeditions. The gnomes did not challenge Pearl’s advancement as they had in the past, knowing the area was overrun by ogres and mountain trolls. Tragedy struck as entire expeditions from Pearl sent to mine new claims were decimated upon arrival.
King Sauntere V called on heroes of the city to step forward and clear the way for the Archai Trading Company. Many accepted his offer of land and lordship, but none returned to collect their rewards. That is until a young human male by the name of Clyde stepped forward to prove his worth. Far from the typical hero or knight, Clyde was a slender man of average height who wore a multi-patched jacket and did little to clean up his appearance for the occasion. The King quickly dismissed his offer. Not to be denied, Clyde sold all his possessions and set off into the Crowns with a small crew of miners in order to stake a claim of his own.
The expedition reached the first mining location without issue, and Clyde started to believe he'd be able to walk in and strike it rich where so many others had failed. After a week, his crew had begun removing rock and clearing the way for their first shaft into the mountains. When the first vein of silver was struck, Clyde and his crew decided to spend the night celebrating. However, their success had not gone unnoticed.
Two years after his expedition set out for the Crowns, a bewildered Clyde returned to Pearl. He had been traveling alone for so long that by the time he reached the gates of Pearl, he was assumed a beggar due to his stench and turned away. Before he could protest, one of the guards grabbed hold of the bulky satchel affixed to his belt, questioning what a beggar could possibly be carrying. As they struggled over control of the bag, a tear began and an ogre's head tumbled onto the ground. Caught by surprise, Clyde quickly claimed the head as his proof of ending the unrest in the Crowns and was escorted to the palace for an audience with the King.
By the time he arrived, word was already spreading throughout the city of Clyde's victory over the ogres. Once facing the King, Clyde retold the story of how his crew had been captured and he was the lone survivor. When the King asked for the name of Pearl's latest hero, he nervously stated his name, "Clyde Silverfoot, your majesty. I came to you months ago to accept the quest of removing the threat from the Crowns." The King examined the fragile human before him, then turned to the crowd and announced, "Behold our hero, Clyde Silverford! He has returned with the head of the Shamanka that has threatened our lands within the Crowns. A crew will be assembled for him to head back into the Crowns where he may reap the rewards of victory."
Still in shock, Clyde did not speak up to correct the King on the pronunciation of his family name. In that moment, Clyde saw his opportunity to break free from the Silverfoot surname that had brought him nothing but embarrassment and misfortune. Quickly swept up in the attention and celebration, he chose to bury the truth with his family name and embrace his prestigious reputation as a hero. Clyde Silverford was given the mining rights to the land where his crew first broke ground, and for nearly twenty years amassed a fortune mining silver for the ATC.
Editor's Note:
During an expedition into the Crowns in 437 AoM, a journal was discovered in the pit of an abandoned mining shaft. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the journal had belonged to the proprietor of the mine, one Clyde Silverford. Unfortunately, all but two pages had been torn from the journal. Further exploration of the area uncovered two additional pages from the journal, and with that scholars began to fill in the blanks surrounding the legendary tale.
The first was the index page, which simply stated the title, "The Legend of Clyde Silverford." The remaining three pages read as follows:
"I've done it! No longer will the ogres terrorize the mines. I succeeded where a dozen brave knights couldn't and I'll be the ones the bards sing about. Gather 'round and listen to the legend of Clyde Silverford! I rather like the sound of that."
"The other miners are starting to question my defeat of the ogre shaman. A nearby shaft met a mysterious end that is assumed to be a collapse, but by the size of the boulders and the impact of the door, I am positive it is an ogre. Has she come to collect on our agreement? I should leave before the men find out the truth."
"Today I will travel to the surface and scale the mountain. There I'll scatter these pages to Aerthane in the hopes that she'll conceal the truth forever and free me of this burden."
A knightly hero Clyde was not, nor was he an honest hero, a noble hero, or even a generous hero. Clyde was an unlikely hero. One that was able to delay, if not stave off, a war amongst once powerful adversaries. With his help, the stronghold of Pearl has grown to the point that everyday warriors and mages can overpower the likes of ogres, trolls, and gnomes.
































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