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Holding on by a Tether: The Southern Outpost

Title:Holding on by a Tether: The Southern Outpost
Time Period: Age of Mortals
Written By: Unknown Author
Summary: A story about the battle for control of the Southern Outpost in present day New Archai.

Because of their understanding and respect for nature and the world around them, the verdani believe they are the closest to the original elves and they were created to be the only true followers of Tetherias. Having migrated to the Isle of Tetherias following the Great Shattering, the verdani began taking steps to claim the whole isle as their own. A small island off the northeastern coast of the isle would become the new home for non-verdani followers of Tetherias. Those who hadn't already fled were exiled to the small island.
Despite their confinement, the other races faithful to Tetherias established their own society with its own leadership and place to worship. It wasn't long before the verdani would push further though, believing Tetherias would not allow any lesser race to represent her on Archai. In a display of what elven craftsmanship can accomplish, a 12-foot wooden wall was erected, surrounding the entire island of non-verdani Tetherias followers. The outcasts were cut off from the rest of the world, prisoners in a wooden cage. The verdani soldiers that patrolled the walls killed any whom attempted to escape. Their sense of reason had been skewed by their hatred for those whom weren't the embodiment of Tetherias herself.
Thirty years after the other intelligent races of the Isle of Tetherias were forced off the mainland, what they consider an act of force by the Goddess herself, prevented further loss of life at her expense. A devastating plague was unleased and swept across the mainland of Tetherias, killing a large number of verdani. The tall elven wall that had isolated the smaller island of exiles had also spared them of disease. Today, there are still those verdani who view the Isle ofTetherias and their god as theirs' alone. Fortunately, most verdani have come to accept a more rational view of other races and their belief in the Goddess of Earth. Though, all are welcome across the Isle of Tetherias and its territories these days, the small island of exiles has very few inhabitants anymore.
As for the non-verdani Tetherians whom fled the Isle, they took up residence in the defunct Southern Outpost at the tip of New Archai Isle. It had traded hands many times prior to the formation of the elemental isles, but had been predominately controlled by elven ancestors, lastly by Tetherians. Following the Great Shattering, the outpost was abandoned as those whom followed the Goddess of Earth flocked to the new Isle of Tetherias. Empty for decades, the outpost was ideal to those cast off the Isle of Tetherias by the verdani. Those living nearby did not agree and a some minor skirmishes ensued. In an unprecedented move, King Bayesian III called for peace and generously turned over control of the land to the Tetherian nomads before any serious battle took place to recapture the lost encampment. The king was aware of the nomads strife being forced from their homes and used it as an opportunity to mend past issues between Tetherians and those who call the city of Pearl their home.
Years later, King Sauntere II tried to reclaim the Southern Outpost in the name of Astraeva to drive out the Tetherians. By this time, the divide between most of the verdani and all other Tetherians had ended. All followers of earth were welcome on the Isle of Tetherias once again. There were those who refused to return because they had established families on New Archai Isle. King Sauntere II sent word to the Southern Outpost, ordering all inhabitants to evacuate the fort by the next full moon or they would be removed by force. Very few fled as this had become their home. Stories of their exile from the Isle of Tetherias had been passed down over the years; the hate of their ancestors was their hate as well. They were reliving that nightmare, except it was the city of Pearl and the followers of Astraeva doing to the exiling.
A week before the full moon, a surprise attack on the outpost at night resulted in the slaughter of all those whom remained. By this time, word of the King's order had reached Tetherias and given the Tetherians a cause to unite against. Hoping to arrive before the full moon, they had already set sail when they learned of the midnight massacre. Upon arrival, they found the outpost heavily guarded and the beach littered with the remains of their fallen temple mates. Led by the verdani, the Tetherian reinforcements not only recaptured the outpost, but set fire to the guts of the fort, made of wood cut from the forests that once divided the lands of Valar and Tetherias. Those captured were not held as prisoners, but were cursed with eternal life, forever bound to the scorched stone walls that line the outpost. Their soulless bodies still wander the grounds at night.
































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