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Rise from the Rift: A History of Wyverns

Title: Rise from the Rift: A History of Wyverns
Time Period: Age of Mortals
Written By: Curator Egalcia Raka of Tetherias
Summary: A brief history of how the wyverns came to exist.

As is the nature concerning cataclysmic events, The Shattering brought with it changes to the world unforeseen even by those regarded as most visionary. Whilst above gods and mortals clashed over the harnessing of both darkness and light, deep below slumbered creatures with immense potential. Lacking the consciousness to recognize it, let alone reach it, time and fate twisted together to hand it to them.
Some might say Gharviskal the White let loose the potential of the Great Shattering, for when his body crashed into a catacombs beneath Valar, the tomb of his bones, his essence was met by ravenous stomachs and even hungrier minds.
The results of the consumption transformed the beasts, evolving them into sentient beings now capable of heinous, poisonous attacks. As with all poisons, it was then discovered that the root of its power -- leeched from the very essence of magic -- could render the most powerful and arcane arts of elemancy inert long enough for the wyverns to feed from the font that would keep them sentient -- the magic innate in dragons and mages alike.
Slowly, these Wyverns introduced themselves to the world, seeking out more of the essence required to keep their newfound state. For you see, if a wyvern goes too far between feedings, it will revert into a wyrm, robbed of its poison and mind. Upon their travels they came across packs of dragon hunters, and thus an unlikely bond was forged. Little men and large beasts alike who fancied themselves the parts of dead dragons, whom wished honor themselves with tales of brave victory, they were quite eager to align themselves with wyvern-kind.
A long-lasting deal was struck. These hunters would track down dragons best they could, then send word to wyverns, as they possess a natural form of sensing magic. Covered mostly in leathery skin, it doesn't quite extend all the way down the jaw, leaving bone hollows in the front, allowing for the astral vibration of magic to be detected by wyverns.
Not only did these hunters receive parts for the assistance given to wyverns, they were also gifted small quantities of the wyvern's poison, allowing it to be applied to any number of weapons - whether spear, sword, or arrow tip. For a wyvern's poison to become potent, they must first ingest the magic from a freshly killed dragon. Young wyverns are often overzealous, and must be careful in their eagerness not to place too much poison into a dragon, for if it remains in a dragon an extended period before its death, it will become inert.
However, it was not the hunters of dragons alone who forged a tenuous pact with the venomous wyverns..
Terror is a great tool, even when used to serve a selfish purpose; and, make no mistake, wyverns were aware of mages so frightened of them, they would give themselves up willingly to be spared the exhausted which comes from being hunted. There are those, too, whom would make arrangements with wyverns, agreeing to drink the poison and receive the benefits. For when a wyvern's poison is ingested this way, rather than through a wound, it gives a person the most curious of effects: the ability to hear the thoughts of others, or so it is said.
Such people are not looked upon fondly by most, labeled leeches and cowards whom enable wyverns to hunt fellow mages. It matters little to them the boon and safety these 'leeches' receive, nor do they pay attention to the rumors that when a mage ingests the poison, not only do they receive the previously documented effects, but it is also whispered that not only does their own magic become inert, but a barrier surrounds them, nullifying the magic of any others.
































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