The Shattered Isles

Pyrous Isle

Pyrous Isle


City of Pyridian
An archaeological specimen of a city. Every angle is calculated with flawless precision. Any signs of damage from the Shattering were repaired to their original state in an effort to move past what happened and not leave reminders behind to dwell on. Home to the office of the High Chancellor, the appointed leader of the Isle of Pyrous.
Port Defiance
Port Defiance is an Archai Trading Company controlled port located along the northern coast of Pyrous. It is a result of a failed attempt in 328 AoM by the Pyresian Navy to seize control of Pearl while the Royal Navy was away fighting the kalesian fleet during the Battle of the Bays. Two years later, Port Defiance was offically decreed to belong to the ATC and named as a reminder of the pyresian's defeat. Today, it is the ATC's largest stronghold outside of Pearl and a winter home to the royal family.
Sirocco Sands
Part of the Shan'zar Desert prior to the Shattering, the Sirocco Sands cover nearly all of the northeastern region of Pyrous Isle. Once home to the city of Pyetra, a pyresian-tetherian city built to keep the peace between Pyridian and Ra'dun.
Itzal's Tower
The original tower of Itzal where the then mortal elf fled to harness the power of the shadows. Located on Neiblyn Head, a hammer-shaped peninsula located on the northwest coast of Pyrous, Itzal chose this location because it is nearly impossible to reach from land due to jagged mountain cliffs. Narrow straits on either side connect to small bays of water suitable for naval activity. The locations of the waterways protected the ports from rough weather and from intruders, making it the perfect location for Itzal's fortress. Still home to a small community of goblins who remain behind for reasons unknown.
Long before Itzal laid claim to Neiblyn Head, the village of Blyn was a thriving goblin port secluded from the rest of the world. After Itzal selected the peninsula for its strategic value, he met with the leaders of the goblin community, with the end result seeing the village and goblins from around the world devoting their services to Itzal. Any pyresian goblins that remained were run out of town, most of which taking to sea or forced into the mountains. Itzal's tower is located at Blyn Crossing, the central meeting point between north and south Blyn. Two goblin tribes still call Blyn home, locally known as the Norf Blyn and Souf Blyn tribes.
Girammar Mountains
Divided between the isles of Pyrous and Tetherias by the Shattering. Once home to the largest dwarven population in the history of their race. The dwarves of Tetherias did not wish to retain the name as the Pyresians did. The Girammar range stretches from Mount Pyre, the world's largest active volcano located in central Pyrous, to the southeastern tip of the isle where the dwarves of Pyrous still reside. South of Mount Pyre, a goblin tribe known as the Krudemmar tribe lives in a small village by the same name. The village is known for being home to master goblin blacksmiths and the birthplace of crudesteel. Blacksteel was also created in the region, though its origins are debated by the goblins of Krudemmar and the dwarves of Girammar. The Krudemmar tribe is famously known as being the only goblin tribe not to accept Itzal's bribe prior to the Shattering.
Mount Pyre
An active volcano at the heart of the isle of Pyrous, Mount Pyre was named in honor of Pyrous after his mortal elven form was cast into the fires after his death. It is said the volcano spewed molten lava and ash for three straight days, creating the pumice plains that now cover much of northwest Pyrous. A previous volcano turned caldera lake named Sulfer Lake resides southwest of Mount Pyre in the Girammar Mountains. On the eastern side of the volcano, a temple has resided since before the Shattering. A sect of pyresians known as the Keeper's of the Flame reside in the temple, forever tasked with monitoring the heart of the volcano and sending word to Pyridian in the event of a possible eruption. There have been 5 major eruptions since the Great Shattering and each time the temple has been destroyed and rebuilt.
































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