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Kalesian History
If there's one thing Kalesians have in common, it is a healthy respect of the sea and Kaleith's control over it. As such, they possess the only free port in the isles that isn't controlled by the Archai Trading Company. Ironically, the only time anyone has come close to taking over their main port in Baninau Bay, the port was indirectly bailed out by the Pyresians whom saw an opportunity to seize a vulnerable Pearl. To this day, Baninau Bay has never fallen to an outsider. Those of Kaleith refer to themselves as Kalesians, while others outside the religion might call them Kaleithians.
Astraeva was once the high priestess of Kaleith, that alone brings those two religions together. But in more recent years, many have said they are at odds, because of the battle for sea superiority. While the Archai Trading Company is not entirely a reflection of Astraeva, it is based in Pearl, established by Astraevans, and backed by the King's royal fleet, even though it is its own entity. It is comprised of merchants from every religion, including those of Kaleith. As the ATC grew in power and started establishing ports on the other isles, the Kalesians took offense and saw it as a stake of claim for control of the sea. Even though every Kalesian shares a mutual respect of Kaleith's dominion over the seas, they don't all view the conflict with the ATC the same.
Accepted Races
The nydine, water elves transformed by the Great Shattering and favored by the God of Water, Kaleith, make up the largest portion of the Kalesian population. Kaleith was already the dominant religion for bolinaus before the Shattering with their numbers growing considerably after settling Baninau Bay. Gavial worship of water in the remote swamp regions of the Muirgen wilderness is quite common, although these gavials are more loyal to those they share climate with than gavials of the deserts or forests. A small northern Kaleith village by the name of Nommos is home to pockets of Astraevan humans and sylves that are often coupled with Kalesians. Smaller communities of vukasin, argali, and gargoyles have been known to worship Kaleith, but each equally low in population size.
Accepted Professions
The most common profession of Kalesians is that of the water-mage. It is often considered a spiritual connection to wield the element of water. This results in a large number of priests as well, giving Kaleith a strong balance between mage and priest atop the temple heirarchy. The highest ranking leader of the faith is known as the Khalsat and resides in the capital city of Akhtiar. Other temples select a leader to represent them referred to as their Sage. The vast majority of the sailors who worship the God of Water have backgrounds as a thief, assassin, warrior, or scout. Templars and Barbarians are not as common among Kalesians, though like the other elements, their ranks swell in time of war.
Colors, Sigils, and Other Representations
Like all the other religions, the dragon is important to Kalesians. It is always a blue dragon, or a water dragon as most call it. Their colors are most often represented in blues and silvers. A full moon, often silver in appearance, is a widely recognized emblem of Kaleith, as are many of the creatures of the sea, including the sea serpent. While not all pirates are Kalesian, the kraken has widely been embraced by all pirates as a sign of respect for Kaleith. Many prefer the metals of cobalt and coldsteel, the latter of which was discovered as blacksmiths tried to find other ways to refine steel and blacksteel. Instead of cooling the metal in a barrel of water as smiths typically do, it is wrapped in seaweed and rapidly frozen, then reworked several times in the same manner. Sought after gems are sapphires, aquamarine, and moonstone. Seaweed, driftwood, and coral are in abundant use as they come from the sea. Byssus is harvested in the northern bay of Dakhma, woven into seasilk for use in clothing, and exported.
Beliefs and Characteristics
Kaleith, the God of Water, is one of four elemental Gods that brought about the second age, the Age of Immortals. He is revered by his followers for his pure, wholesome values and simplistic views. They are perhaps the most understanding and accepting of any of the religions. They don't overreact, jump to conclusions, or act impulsively. The few values they have would be defended to the death. Because of their simplistic approach to the world, these values are at their very core or soul. Beliefs that cannot be broken down any further. Despite their tendency for acceptance, unnatural destruction tends to get them riled up. It accelerates a cycle of life that they would prefer to just let happen on its own. It interferes with what they view as the natural order.
Interacting With Other Religions
The Kaleithian religion associates with Astraeva, the Goddess of Light, and Aerthane, the Goddess of Air, and are often times in conflict with Pyrous, the God of Fire. They are very much at odds with the Archai Trading Company due to the taxes on goods shipped across seas. Because of this, there are no Archai Trading Company owned docks or land across the whole Isle of Kaleith. The ports on Kaleith are the only free trade ports in all of Archai and it is the local belief that no one controls the seas, but Kaleith himself.

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