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Tetherian History
Tetherias, Goddess of Earth, is one of four elemental Gods that brought about the second age, the Age of Immortals.
Every year Tetherias' leaders host a celebration of the land. An ode to the days when Elves celebrated Archai's renewal. The festival is centered around the first harvest, which becomes a large portion of the feast during the event. Though all are welcome, the festival at its core is a reminder to the Verdani that they are the purest of the elemental Elven races. They most closely resemble the original Elves and have continued retelling Elven legends.
Accepted Races
Verdani heavily outnumber the other races of the Tetherian religion. There are generally considered to be two types of verdani. Those that serve Tetherias, and those that put the verdani race first. The latter believing they were created in the Goddess' own image to be her only followers, and at best will tolerate the presence of a lesser Tetherian only when they must. A large population of vukasin call the Isle of Tetherias home, most worshiping whom they think to be their creator, or the white wolf in the forest. Of other Tetherian followers, dwarves make up a majority with many clans populating the southern Argenak Mountains on the Isle of Tetherias Humans and sylves are commonly found within Ra'dun, the capitol city, with smaller pockets of argali and gavials scattered across desert regions and into the foothills. Gargoyles are less common within the Tetherian faith with most choosing a life of seclusion.
Accepted Professions
Priests and templars generally make up the temple heirarchy. Tetherian ranks are largely filled with earth-mages, scouts, and barbarians; each representing the goddess in a different way. Assassins and thieves of Tetherias are uncommon as the verdani are far too direct in most cases. Tetherian warriors often serve in the defense of the faith along side the templars. Ra'daji is a title given to the highest ranking priest of each tetherian congragation.
Colors, Sigils, and Other Representations
Tetherias is most often represented with hues of greens and browns. These range from pale greens and light tans to deep greens and red-tinted browns. A sigil of a green dragon and that of a white wolf are the most common animalistic representations of the Goddess of Earth. Other communities have adopted their own over the years since the Great Shattering, including that of an owl and the dwarves whose shields' are crested with neither a dragon, wolf, nor owl, but a mountain. In the deserts of Shan'zar, nomadic tribes affiliate with the mastodon, believing Tetherias created these creatures to lead them to water, feed them, and provide them with hides and ivory for crafting.
The silverwood trees that grow in and around the City of Ra'dun are said to have sprouted from the tear-soaked grave of a greedy king whom was stricken with grief over the loss of his daughter. Fallen silverwoods are given a blessing of passing, and then used by the community for bows and crafting. Verdani sentinels guard the forest to ensure the trees are never needlessly chopped down for profit. Followers often adorn themselves with emeralds and pieces of jade, while amber is marveled for the time it takes to become a piece of beauty. Months of Tetherian and Verdi are when Tetherians are at their strongest. The month of Verdi culminates each year with a celebration of Archa's Renewal, a tradition previously held by the elves of the first and second ages.
Beliefs and Characteristics
Tetherias is regarded by her followers as the world's balance. They aren't neutral by any means, but in times of peril, they believe Tetherias is the one responsible for restoring order. When times are good and the world gets neglected or taken for granted, it is Tetherias again in their eyes who brings the harsh reminder of nature's cruelty. Tetherians tend to be passionately stubborn about their faith, ever willing to protect and defend it at any cost. Because of how strongly they believe in their religion, it often appears as blind faith to outsiders.
Interacting With Other Religions
Tetherians as a whole often find themselves on opposite sides of situations with Aerthanians. The verdani already assume superiority over the avardi and the other elven races. The remaining Tetherians care little for Aerthane's teachings of life without boundaries. Their greatest allies have been the Pyresians, whom both share large communities of dwarves and gavials. There are those whom choose not to forget the events that unfolded at the Southern Outpost, and to this day stand against the City of Pearl and its astraevan-led empire.

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